frequently asked questions

why should i bobble?

approximately 298 million single serve plastic bottles end up in landfills each year. by using bobble, which is made from recycled materials, we can all do our part to eliminate unnecessary waste. bobble helps fix the problem by using recycled material to make our new bobbles. bottle water is also a costly addiction. Australians are wasting 1.4 billion (!!!) dollars a year on bottle water.

how do i first start using my bobble?

the first time you use any bobble filter make sure you activate it.
to do this;
1st fill your bobble with water
2nd insert new filter
3rd screw
4th give your bobble a squeeze

to truly activate your filter you must squeeze all the water out of the bobble through the filter. this will remove any loose carbon.

you only need to do this the first time a filter is used. once fully activated you can enjoy your bobble anywhere and at anytime.

more info and a video on how to activate your filter

what is my bobble bottle made from?

your bobble bottle is made from 100% recyclable Polyethylene Terephthalat – to make things easier lets abbreviate that to just PET. the PET we use to make bobble is totally free from nasties too. these nasties can also be abbreviated to 3 letters; BPA and PVCs. plus.. bobble is also free of phthalates. - in short, it means that bobble is totally safe to drink from plus 100% recyclable.

what is the filter made from?

carbon and recycled plastic.

how does the filter work?

it’s super easy! as you drink through the filter, it doesn’t matter which colour either, the water is passed through the carbon inside. carbon has an awesome reputation for being a powerful chemical absorbent. so as you drink tap water from a bobble, the chlorine taste and organic contaminants are removed by the filter making your tap water taste better. don’t know about you, but #idtapthat

will bobble improve the taste of my tap water?

totally! bobble uses a super cool carbon-based filter that removes chlorine and organic contaminants from the municipal tap/potable water. test results of water that has passed through the bobble filter meet and surpass the NSF international Standard 42 – this is the fancy testing that sets the standard that governs public and private drinking water.

can you give specifics on how bobble filters water?

bobble uses a carbon filter, a proven, and totally powerful chemical absorbent. as the tap water passes over the positively charged carbon surface of the filter, the negative ions of any contaminants are drawn to the surface of the carbon granules, where they remain. leaving you with tasty, refreshing water! simple huh!

what does the bobble filter take out?

bobble is super effective at taking out chlorine and organic contaminants from potable water. it is not recommended for use where water is not microbiologically safe or of unknown quality.

is bobble and the filter dishwasher safe?

the bobble classic bottle is not dishwasher safe, however the bobble sport+ bottle is. both bobble bottles should be hand-washed regularly in warm, soapy water & left to dry. you should wash out your bobble regularly to limit bacterial growth (eww!!) we do not recommend dishwashing the bobble filter.

how will i know when to change my filter?

the taste will tell you. we recommend changing the filter after a minimum of two months or 150 litres of use.

how long will my bobble filter last?

a single bobble filter equates to at least 300 bottles of filtered water, about 150 litres therefore, with daily use, your bobble should last about two months.

i like flavoured water, can i use these flavour packs in my bobble and, if i add the mix, will it disrupt the filter?

bobble is designed to only remove chlorine and organic contaminants from municipal tap/potable water and has not been tested for added mixes or flavourings. accordingly, we do not recommend using any liquid other than water with bobble.

is the plastic safe?

yes, bobble is BPA FREE, FDA APPROVED and contains no Phthalates or PVC. bobble is made to be reused over and over again, however, like all reusable drink containers, we recommend that you clean bobble regularly.

can you advise the concerns about reusing bottle made out of PET?

most drinking water bottle are PET bottles (number 1). the bottles are safe to reuse as long as they’re cleaned with hot, soapy water and thoroughly dried regularly, to stop potential bacteria growth. extensive testing has demonstrated that PET, used widely in food and drink containers, is safe for both single and repeated use.

are there harmful side effects associated with ingesting loose carbon?

no, carbon is a natural substance that can be ingested without risk of side effects.

does a carbon filter remove or decrease the amounts of fluoride from water?

fluoride will remain unchanged for the most part. regardless of whether the fluoride is naturally occurring in the water supply (well water often contains fluoride) or whether the fluoride is intruded in the public water supply intentionally (many cities do this), the fluoride will register the same amount before and after the filter and only under special circumstances will a very slight reduction register.

can you put bobble in the freezer?

we do not recommend freezing a carbon filter. You can place you bobble in the refrigerator.

does the filter fit in other bottles?

bobble’s filter and bottle were specifically designed to function together only – to make water better.

how long does the bottle last?

the filter lasts for 300 refills – the bottle lasts many times more.

who designed bobble?

bobble is designed, under exclusive agreement, by the famous multi award winning industrial designer Karim Rashid.